Bicycle Accidents In New York City

The New York Times recently published an analysis of New York City crash data. The analysis focuses on deaths and injuries caused by careless driving, driver inattention, failure to yield, speeding and pedestrians. While pedestrians are involved in less than five percent of fatal crashes, three involved both cyclists and cars. Driver negligence is also a contributing factor. In some cases, driver negligence is the only one at fault in the accident.

Cycling is a popular way to get around the city

Many residents, students, and tourists alike use bicycles to get around the city. New bike infrastructure is making it easier and more convenient for people to ride bikes and commute to work, school, or play. New York City has one of the highest per capita rates of bike trips in the country, with more than half a million cyclists in the city each day. In addition, the city is a leader in the sustainable transportation movement, so bike infrastructure is more important than ever.

Driver negligence is a contributing factor

A bicycle accident can happen for a variety of reasons, including a vehicle obstructing a bike path. A cyclist can be forced to swerve in order to avoid the vehicle, or crash into another object due to an obstruction on the bike path. Although this article focuses on bicycle accidents involving motor vehicles, the principles of bringing a suit also apply in situations where there is no vehicle.

Some Unfortunate Examples


An Elmira bicycle accident has left a 22-year-old man in the hospital. The accident happened near the intersection of West Third and East McCanns Boulevard on Sunday night. Police responded to the scene, and state police and Chemung County Sheriff’s Department were on the scene. Elmira police have confirmed that they are investigating the crash, and the state police in Horseheads have confirmed that the accident occurred. No further details about the crash, or the identities of those involved, have been released.

Elmira cyclist was hit by a box truck

A Mount Forest teenager has been charged with reckless driving after a bicycle rider was killed in a collision with a New York City box truck. The cyclist was riding a bike on 21st Street when the driver of a parked car opened the door, hitting him. The cyclist fell into the road and was crushed by a white box truck. The driver of the truck was arrested for having no license and was sentenced to jail.

Charles Cheeseboro was riding an e-bike

A 43-year-old Harlem man has died after falling off his electric bicycle in Central Park. The cyclist, who was wearing no helmet, collided with a pedestrian and struck his head. He died a few days later. The accident happened in the middle of the day. Police are investigating the crash to determine what exactly happened. The 77-year-old pedestrian that Cheeseboro hit was injured but not seriously.

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