GTA 6 Gaming Rumors

Game Rumors about the next installment of the GTA game are rife. So when is it going to come out? What will it look like? Here’s all it says on GTA 6

With more than 100 million titles sold worldwide, GTA V has enjoyed phenomenal success since its release in 2013.

Thanks to its quality of the game and regular updates from GTA Online, the Rockstar Games franchise has been able to perpetuate the engagement of its users for more than 6 years. After such a success, impatience is gaining ground, and its GTA 6 sequel naturally becomes one of the most anticipated video games of recent years.

In this article, we have collected all the rumors about GTA 6, and we will update new information regularly. So, to find out what awaits you after the latest exploits of the gangster trio of San Andreas, read on.

Game Rumors at a glance:

Backdrops: Vice City (Miami) and a city in South America (possibly Bogota)

Periods: the 70s and 80s

Theme: building a drug empire

Platforms: PS5, Xbox Series X

When will GTA 6 be released?

Expected for 2021-2022

Six years after the start of GTA V, Rockstar Games has not yet confirmed anything about GTA 6. We do not yet have any concrete information about the release date of this new album.

In 2018, the franchise worked at length on the launch of Red Dead Redemption 2 and devoted most of its resources to the completion of this project without really worrying about the arrival of a new GTA.

Also, regular updates on GTA Online, such as those in The Doomsday Heist, have shown that much remains to be done in already existing worlds.

There is very little chance that GTA 6 will be finished in time to coincide with the release of the PS5  and the Xbox (Series X). According to Darion Lowenstein, a former employee at Rockstar, GTA 6 will not be released until the end of 2021.

What platforms will GTA 6 be available on?

  • Xbox Series X
  • PlayStation 5
  • PC

Also according to the corridor noises, GTA 6 should be compatible only with the next generations of consoles, which is the PS5  and the future Xbox (series X), which would be very bad news for the owners of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

However, rest assured, it may also be available in cross-platform via streaming.

We hope that its release on PC will be faster than that of previous games. Finally, not surprisingly, the chances of finding GTA 6 on Nintendo Switch are lower …

Where will the plot of GTA 6 take place?

  • Miami (Vice City)
  • Colombia (probably Bogota)

This is probably the most important question and the most awaited answer. According to GTA developers, the game design begins to take shape once the city has been chosen. These words seem logical to us since the place has a direct impact on the coherence and the atmosphere of the game, and the missions differ completely according to the cities and the context.

In the past, Tokyo had been viewed as a potential gaming setting, however, it is more credible than San Andreas, or Vice City remains the backdrop for the story.

The locations where GTA takes place are still generating a lot of interest from players around the world, so much so that they examine every detail of the game to predict what’s new in future editions.

This time, after peeling one of the maps in the GTA 5 Open Wheel DLC pack, some claimed to have recognized a map of Chicago (Lake Michigan) and Mexico

Rockstar Games, on the other hand, would like to create a plan that brings together all of the GTA cities in a single game, so that players travel from site to site. Some cities should also return, like Liberty City.