How to be a professional soccer player? Requirements and pathways

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Requirements and pathways

To be a professional player, the first thing is to love and love football. If you don’t like this sport, you will never be a professional player. This is obvious. Second, you have to play soccer on a team since you were a child. As soon as possible, the child must be within the orbit of a football team, whether in his school, in a sports association, a club or a sports or football school.

Once you’ve joined soccer team, what you need to do is train, learn, and play soccer. The more dedication and more training the player does, either with his team or individually, the more the kid will learn and improve. In the end, as in all facets of life, to go far in the world of football, you have to dedicate a lot of time, to improve and work constantly. If this is done, it may be that a club, with professional players on its rosters, will fixate on a candidate.

Club access tests

Every year, world famous clubs makes entrance tests to analyze which children can play in the lower categories of the white team. This is a very typical way to enter. In order to take these tests, it is normal for candidates to fill out a form on the website to sign up for the entrance tests. Once this form has been sent, the club will be the one to contact the candidate to inform him on what date he will take the test.


You can also reach a professional club through one or more scouts. The big clubs have people who are in charge of looking for talent by visiting a lot of teams. There are even scouts all over the world spotting young talent.


To be a professional player, FIFA requires a contract with minimum requirements that the club and player must meet. This contract is the minimum to ensure the most important rights and duties of both parties. It can then be expanded in many of its points, always with the consent of the club and the player. Obligations of the player –

  • You must give the best of yourself in each match that has been ranked
  • You must participate in training sessions and in the preparation of matches,
  • You must lead a healthy life and enjoy a high level of physical fitness.
  • You must observe the official club rules.

Agreements with other clubs

There are sports associations, foundations and schools that have agreements with professional clubs so that when a boy has football talent, he passes through the ranks of the professional club as soon as possible.