Promoting Inclusion in Sports 

It is essential to establish an inclusive environment for athletes and their families – and a failure to do so can lead your club or organization to miss out on a significant amount of untapped talent.  

Simply look at what the Harlem Baseball Hitting Academy has worked on to make the most out of this situation. Being an ideal platform that serves as an objective to help young men of color, Harlem Baseball Hitting Academy enables these people to get ahold of the best tools and proper guidance to succeed both on and off the baseball field. 

The academy came into existence in 2004 and since then has been working to help Black men find their place in the world of sports. The idea was highly acclaimed and many people of color reached out to the academy to encourage their goals and In just a couple of years, 25 of its graduates – like Gio Abreu, Eric Alcantara, Michael Antonio, to name a few – had been drafted by major league baseball teams – with one of them going on to become World Series Champion. 

Moreover, Harlem Baseball Hitting Academy has even been a part of many notable selections like the 40 MLB draft picks, 5 Gatorade New York State Players of the Year, the American League Championships Series MVP and Gold Glove Award Winner in 2018. 

And these are some of their many achievements. And to be like them, there is a dire need for us to add inclusion in our sports. Here are a few ways to go about it. 

Consider the Food

Now this might seem like a small deal but it can have a huge impact on your attempts to inhibit social inclusion in sports. For example, many Muslims have to deal with many food challenges during the month of Ramadan when their religious values are not taken into consideration. 

Try speaking to each member of the team and organization about these issues and arrange a proper meal schedule so that people from all backgrounds feel welcome within the space you have made. 

Enabling Friendships to Foster

Socializing is the best way to promote an inclusive environment. Reach out to new members, learn about their culture so that they feel more welcome. Plus you can even arrange some fun activities or game nights where everyone has to work together as teams to win – leading to long lasting friendships and strong relationships that will help them get along at all times. 

Sessions For Education

Another great way to improve inclusion in sports is to promote fun educational sessions about other cultures – hence, serving as a valuable tool when it comes to promoting social inclusion in sports. Consider speaking to a member or a speaker of an organization about if they would be willing to come and teach everyone about their culture. Plus, you can also add in a number of activities to the mix – promoting a sense of belonging with everyone at your sports club or organization.