Ready for Fun in the Sun? Explore the Best Yard Games for the Whole Family

Sometimes people can’t afford to take a big holiday or a lavish trip. That doesn’t mean they don’t want to have fun. Hence, your backyard can soon become the hottest new travel destination for you and the family.

In this collaboration, you will find the best yard games and some traditional outdoor games. So what are you waiting for? Round up the family, grab one of the given yard games for adults (that are plenty kid-appropriate, too!), and let the good times roll.

  1. Kan Jam

This high-energy outdoor game carries ultimate Frisbee to the next level. Players set into two teams of two, taking turns trying to throw a frisbee into a can. This competitive game is easy to assemble and disassemble for secured storage when you’re done playing.

Kan Jam is one of the best backyard games to play with friends at the beach or with the family in the backyard. To play, you’ll make two teams of two players. One player tries to toss a Frisbee into a can from 17′ away while the opponent deflects it. You’ll get points for hitting the can, too.

  1. Bocce Ball

Bocce is timeless classic and one of the best yard games; you can play with a bocce set with a small target ball, eight larger balls (preferably of two different colors), and a tape measure. You begin by one player throwing the small target ball, preferably about 30 feet away.

The players or teams then throw each of the balls, getting them as close to the target ball as possible. You can knock out the other team’s ball or pass the target ball with your throw. You can play with only two people or with groups.


  1. Connect Four

If you’re looking for enormous outdoor games, outdoor Connect Four is way more fun than the original indoor game. The pieces are collected on the posts and released from the board’s bottom after a game with ease.

It’s one of the popular outdoor games for parties and groups because pretty much everyone knows how to play. Basically, each player takes a turn sliding a ring into the game board. The aim is to get four in a row vertically, horizontally, or diagonally while blocking the other players from doing the same.

  1. Lawn Darts/Jarts

Lawn darts are a more compressed version of a bean bag toss. Jarts are lawn darts, too. This game is similar to a bean bag toss game in that you’re seeking to toss the dart into a circle placed about 35′ apart. Of course, if you’re playing with kids, you can put the rings closer together. Be careful that older versions of Jarts have metal points that aren’t perfect for young kids.

  1. Toss Across

This old classic Fun-Filled is a variation to the all too familiar Tic-Tac-Toe with the united thrill of being an action-oriented game, where you take aim at a point on a game board and toss.

Toss Across makes for an exciting game that can be performed at parties, with friends, or with families. It is full of laughter and action as players aim and throw the bean bags onto the target. The game unit is portable so that it can be placed indoors or outdoors for some weekend fun.