The Finer Options for the Download of Rise of Kingdoms

The Finer Options for the Download of Rise of Kingdoms

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As in the real world, all civilizations in the game are unique, but generally equal to each other. It cannot be said with complete certainty that some of them are more powerful than all the rest. Nevertheless, one of the civilizations in the game is definitely the best, but only for you.

The fact is that the uniqueness of nations in Rise of Kingdoms is based on three pillars: the starting commander (you can collect all of them later), the passive skill (you can’t change it) and the unique unit (each nation has its own, you cannot get units of another nation) . As you understand, the last two points are the most important, since they are unchanged.

The choice of a nation is determined by your style of play. Read the description and decide how interesting it is to play: fight in PvP, defend, or collect more resources. The answer to this question will help to decide. There are eight civilizations in the game not so much to make your head spin, but it is enough for you to choose from. Let’s look at each of them. You can Download Rise of Kingdoms for PC and Mac (June 2019 Updated) now and get the results.


In the beginning, the Romans submit to Scipio the African, who is effective in battles and PvP. The central army of Rome is infantry. She has a passive skill that increases defense by 5%.


The Germans come out with Herman, a reliable defender, able to slow down the attacks of enemies. Their unique unit is the Teutonic Knight, which has a huge attack rate. If you think that it is better to first build a huge army, defending the city from attacks, and then go on a massive offensive, then you will play for Germany easier than for other nations.


The heroine of Britain, Boudicca, will be your starting commander. She specializes in support. The same can be said about civilization: the British archers get + 5% to attack, the tree gathering speed is increased by 10%, and the garrison capacity for the allies is increased by 20%.


She will help to collect more resources and get bonuses in battle. France’s passive skills consist in increasing the health of units by 2%, accelerating the healing of units in hospitals by 10% and speeding up the collection of stone by 10%. 


Unlike Germany, here the cavalry forces aim at survival, not at quick attacks. Other passive skills are to increase the maximum capacity of troops by 10%, that is, the army of the Spaniards will take more resources from the collection point or from the city by 10% than the same army of another nation, and to increase the rate of gold collection by 10%.


Celestial headed Sun Tzu, a defender of the hero, supporting the infantry. In China, all units get + 2% to protection, resources are produced by 10% faster, and buildings are built and improved by 2% faster. The unique warrior is an archer with increased protection and health. China cannot be called a strong civilization for battle. It does not have outstanding combat bonuses or a focus on a certain type of troops, and a unique unit is inferior to many others. However, China is quickly rebuilding the city and constantly has the resources. It is enough to protect the city and you will develop faster than others.


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