The Finest Deals for Your Football Viewing

Any sport has its own terminology and football is no exception. It is specialized words that help football players to understand each other in the moments of gambling on the field without any extra explanation. Over the years of development, the lexicon has incorporated thousands of such words. Most of them came to us from the homeland of the game of football. With the NBA중계 relay broadcast you can have the smartest enjoyment now.

Few people know that knowledge of the top terms will allow you to understand the basic principles and even the rules of the game. This will be enough to keep the fans talking. Given the fact that football is the most popular ball game around the world, it is probably the knowledge of terminology that separates you from the full enjoyment of the game process of the national team of our country.

Basic words in football

All football words can be classified according to their relevance to the game. The simplest and most understandable to many without explanation is the general conversation group of terms that describes the game as a whole.

The football field is limited in width by the side lines (edge). Side referees (linesman) are moving along the edge, the main task of which is to help the chief referee in fixing offside provisions and breaking rules near the edge. In length, the field is limited by the front line (goal line). When the ball crosses the goal line from the player of the defending team, a corner kick (corner) is awarded, which is implemented from the position of the corner flag. 

The Best Fact Now

An interesting fact is that when the ball bounces off the flag, it is considered that the ball did not leave the field. The main time of the match consists of two halves of 45 minutes of “dirty” time and starts from the center of the field, which describes the central circle with a radius of 9.15 meters (More about the principles of the game in our article on football). 

  • It is important to know that it is this distance that players must maintain in the future when building the wall and putting the ball into the game after a free kick. In the event of a goal loss in less than 19 minutes of playing time, the team is considered to have scored a quick goal. 
  • If the defensive team made a mistake, then such a curious moment (own goal) can be remembered for a long time by the team’s twelfth player (fan).

Players play with a ball of size 5 made of synthetic materials, which weighs 410-450 grams at the beginning of the match. The match ends after the expiration of the main and offset time. In the event of an equal score in the relegation games to identify the winner, the main judge (referee) is assigned extra time (overtime). Extra time consists of two segments of 15 minutes.