“The Truth” is coming back!

When it comes to sports it’s all about trying to win, it’s either a cup, a medal, or a title, during these time champions arise. If you take boxing for example there are so many people competing for a world championship title. And there are so many titles that are being held by athletes. There is so much one championship mma news that you couldn’t even think is possible. Like Brandon Vera or as people know him as “the Truth” a defending champion set to keep it going on for long time.

Who is he? 

Brandon Vera currently holds the Heavyweight Championship, he was born in the Philippines but was raised in Norfolk Virginia. He is one of the best mixed martial artists on the planet, he was a wrestler when he was in college, he was even on a scholarship, but left to join the army, and even there he joined the wrestling team. I guess you could say he was really into wrestling. After an injury he had to leave the army and then he began training in mixed martial arts, he won his first match in 2002 and spent the next 12 years competing. And in 2015 he knocked out his opponent in 26 seconds and won the Heavyweight Championship. 

How did he win, and what does he have in store?

Back in 2015 he beat his opponent in 26 seconds, which was a record breaking time, with his training from some of the best coaches it was necessary for him, and he did this, twice actually. Back in 2018 he defended his championship, however it did take him 64 seconds to beat his opponent, but no matter what he ended up the champion. And he’s set to defend it once again. It is said that he was coming back this year to in May to once again win. However his opponent hasn’t been named yet, but somehow he’s going to win this once again. 

Where can you read about this?

If you want to read all about one championship mma news you can head over to the ONE site, onefc.com and you can read all the latest news that has happened. There are many articles covering Brandon Vera, and you could even watch some videos his fights, his best moments, and the one where he says he’s coming back to defend his title.