Types of Men’s Exercise Suits or Common in Every Sport

If you don’t like to pick and match your working out clothes, there are exercise suits that have already done that for you. Men’s exercise suits can be found for almost any sport that a person is interested in and working out for.  These suits consist of top, pants or shorts and in some cases a matching jacket.

Exercise suits

These items will all match making the men’s exercise suit easy and convenient. Some men’s exercise suits [ชุดออกกำลังกายชาย, which are the term in Thai] are 5 in 1 sets, with compression outwear, long sleeve plus short sleeve shirts, running shorts plus compression leggings all of the same fabric, and design. And there are many different sweat suits that include sweatpants and sweatshirts. Jogging suits seem to be very popular with jogging shoes marking the color or design of the suit.


The tracksuit set has elastic cuff and hem on jacket for a fit that will stay in place. The jackets zip up to the chin to block out the elements. There is elastic waist with interior drawcord on pants for an adjustable fit.

Sweat suit

Shed excess weight with a sauna suit. These are vinyl suit that traps heat raising temperature of the body, increases perspiration, as well as helps lose water weight fast. This is elastic around the wrists, neck, and ankles which stop air from escaping or getting into the suit and this increases sweat. It is perfect to wear in cold weather to keep warm. You can also wear it while working out and stretching to develop blood flow and increase flexibility, or put it on in the sauna to help sweat with the removal of toxins. The suit is made with Microban® antimicrobial technology that works to stop stains, odors, bacteria, and mildew.