Volleyball Net Height For Different Tournaments

Volleyball is played under different circumstances. Specific parts of the game can change to accommodate the types of players on the court in terms of age and gender. For example, volleyball net height changes across different age groups. It has to be adjusted to suit the situation for official matches. Of course, the parties involved can always vary the height to their liking in informal games to suit their abilities. Regulation heights are dictated by the FIVB which is the global governing body for the sport. The rules apply to events at various levels from professional to Olympics to college to youth teams.

Standard Men’s Volleyball

The standard height of the net in men’s volleyball is the highest among all events. It considers the higher average vertical leap among men compared to women. The net height has to be increased to provide a good challenge, especially for top caliber players with astounding jumps that result in thunderous spikes. The specific measurement is 7 feet and 11 5/8 inches or 2.43 meters. This is the same for indoor volleyball and beach volleyball. Since it is far harder to jump on sand, this height presents a major hurdle for beach players.

Standard Women’s Volleyball

The standard height of the net in women’s volleyball is slightly lower. This stands at 7 feet and 4 1/8 inches or 2.24 meters. That is almost 8 inches shorter so the top should be easier to reach for spikers and blockers. Just like with the men’s net, this height is enforced from high school tournaments onwards. This is what they use in beach volleyball as well.

Sitting Volleyball

Volleyball is a sport that welcomes everyone. Even individuals with disabilities can play it although they would need to adjust their style of play depending on their challenges. For example, those who have been leg mobility issues will have difficulties moving around and catching the ball while sitting down but many have managed to do this. They might sit on the floor of the court itself. The net is lower for sitting volleyball at only 3 feet 9.28 inches or 1.15 meters for the men and 3 feet 5.34 inches or 1.05 meters for the women.

Youth Volleyball

Young children can start playing volleyball very early. Those in grade school might pick it up from their friends or family. Some will join local clubs and compete with other kids in the area. In these tournament for boys 10 and under, the net has to be 7 feet high. As for the girls 10 and under, the net has to be 6 feet and 6 inches high. For both genders between ages 11 and 12, it needs to be 7 feet high.

Masters Volleyball

People of advanced age can still play this sport in their own capacity. As long as they stay fit and healthy, then there should be no problems. For women ages 45 and up, the net height should be 7 feet and 2.125 inches. As for the men, it drops to 7 feet and 9 5/8 inches between ages 55 and 69. It goes down further to 7 feet 6 inches for players 70 and up.