Watch the Indian Premier League back in action once again

The Indian Premier League that is the IPL 2020 is back in action this September and will be here to keep you entertained till the month of November. The entire world has been suffering through this pandemic for almost a year now, let us take a time out and divert our minds from all the stress and negativity and lighten our moods by giving ourselves a little much needed break and enjoy our time watching the IPL 2020.

Sports from around the world have started to pick up from the UEFA Champions league to all the major leagues in countries like Germany, England, France etc had the chance to begin once again but keeping in mind that the situations are not yet stable they have been forced to follow some strict protocols and that has to be undertaken on priority. New seasons of these major leagues have also commenced and the stadiums as you have already guessed are completely empty the viewers and the audience are not allowed to watch their teams in action live on the ground. A similar rule will be followed during the IPL matches, where the audience will not be present in the stadium to watch any of the live performances of their teams. Not only has it been applied to the IPL game but the similar rule has been put out on all the cricket matches even on the International series where the players will have to perform in these empty stadiums. The teams will also be going under close and regular health checks keeping in mind the situation and the players will be on the field interacting with other players from different teams. Every player will be tested for COVID-19 every 5th day of the tournament.

A Bio-Secure Bubble – Each player will have to follow these strict rules and protocols enforced by the BCCI. Each team or franchise will have to create its own bubble and within this bubble the player will be allowed to interact with a limited number of people in their ecosystem or will have to follow the allotment done by the BCCI. Not just limiting this to the team but also the members of the BCCI and the broadcaster will have to follow the Bio Secure Bubble rule.

This being said all the players and the staff and almost everyone involved in the Dream11 IPL will be kept under proper check and will be ensured complete safety during these difficult times as they move out of their homes to perform and keep the spirit alive in the hearts of their fans. The new season of IPL 2020 will not only be different but will also show us how we can actually fight this pandemic and how we are above any situation that is trying to bring us down. Let’s wait for the gifts of IPL to unwrap and let’s tie up our seatbelts and get set to enjoy this journey.