Why Use Gifs On Social Networks?

An image’s power is vital for promoting brands, and this power is even more significant when it comes to a video or even a GIF animation.

GIF images were a revolution at the time of the internet boom. But they ended up being too heavy images for the connections of that time. Nowadays, animation in GIF is not a big problem for existing connections. More and more stars like lebron james and brands are encouraged, never better said, to use them in their social networks, both the most visual ones like Pinterest or Instagram, and the most mainstream like Facebook.

Advantages of using GIFs on Social Networks

There are multiple benefits that GIF images can provide businesses and stars on social media. These networks have become a showcase were to show the entire product catalog and redirect users to a page where they can buy them. Utilizing a GIF animation, companies can not only offer an image of a product, but they can also show a sequence of images of it or a small video fragment. The advantage of GIF format will weigh much less than in a video format such as AVI or MP4.

A priori may seem the main and only advantage for businesses. Still, we must not forget that GIF images go viral more efficiently, as they provide a large amount of information in a few seconds.

The advantage of loop playback of this type of file can help us to build a small, purely visual step-by-step instruction manual for any product. We can embed these informative animations on our website or blog and later share them on corporate social networks and achieve a more significant visual impact on our followers.

Like how we created the step-by-step manual, you can change the point of view and make a presentation or slide show informing you about the characteristics of a product and how to use it, among many others.

As always, when we talk about visual marketing, creativity is our only barrier.

Risks of using GIFs on Social Networks

The risk of using GIFs in social networks that we can take into account is that of copyright. We must always make sure that the GIF that we will share will not pose a copyright problem to the company. On the other hand, this is easily solved by sharing content whose rights belong to its brand. Therefore, when it comes to sharing a GIF animation, it is best to create it yourself so that in this way, the copyright belongs solely and exclusively to the brand.

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