Defensive Sport Shooting – Winning the Mental Game

The weapon is an instrument like any other, it is as good or bad as the man who uses it.

For those who practice or have already practiced martial arts, surely you have heard the term: empty mind. This mental state is fundamental to winning a fight, competition or hitting targets.

In shooting competitively, we all have bad and good days, simple targets and difficult targets – to balance these ups and downs we have to keep the right mindset. Shooting practices are more than only hand-eye coordination; it’s a mental duel.

What sets competitive athletes apart?

It involves your abilities to focus on every target that you want to hit or break all targets and not to be shaken if you could not hit. It’s this kind of assurance that you had when entering a race or duel.

Remember, it is easy to focus when there is not one to see, but when you’ve a shooting match or a final match before hundreds of people, TV, etc., your abilities to focus can imply the difference among losing and winning. You should be able to reach a mental range that blocks the noise from the present crowd and focuses entirely on your targets.

Attribute your victory to your abilities to “range” the commotion and noise around you until all you can hear is your own heartbeat. During the entire contest, focus on only one target once and never miss any other shot. Undoubtedly, this help you to win the first gold medal.

A competitor has to be absolutely sure that in a competition or challenge, when entering each position, he will reach the target without fear of losing.

You must train, dominate each station or post, have full control and know that you can reach any target. In case of any fear or doubt at a station, get an ammo box and AR 15 mag charger, stay at that shooting place and practice the targets until your hesitation runs out. Practice up to a time that you reach 10 targets one after the other or 10 doubles in line. You can achieve that goal, you know. You must get rid of negative thoughts “this is my most difficult position”, but imagine the target being hit, broken or neutralized. Tell yourself: I who own this post or station, control is mine. I can, there is no doubt, my mind is focused, empty in silence.