Great Keynote Address with Warnings by Al-Obaidly

A great time has passed since the TV right owners where behaving innocent about the issues that have come across regarding the football TV Rights. But now they have been into the open thanks to the CEO of the beIN media Group, Yousef Al-Obaidly.

The Bubble Making

The Bubble is now there in the field of TV ownership rights would, he mentioned, burst finally within a very short time if the board members and right owners did not take proper steps to prevent it.

  • In the Leaders Conference held in October 2019, he mentioned about the probable downfall that the TV right owners would be facing in the coming days. He pointed out that it is the lack of seriousness in taking steps against privacy that had led the situation to such a grim result.
  • Mr. Youself Al-Obaidly has mentioned that it is the sheer lack of seriousness and the tendency to avoid the obvious truth that has led the TV right owners in the brink of financial collapse in the long run.
  • Mr. Al-Obaidly mentioned at the conference that the laziness of the TV owners have been avoiding the facts for a long time and that has made the whole TV right and broadcasting process to a greatly complicated situation.

Certain Matters in Light

The CEO mentioned that the complication about football ownership was on the formation for quite some time. However, the TV owners and the other parts of the TV sports industry were not very active on stopping it. This is eventually building the cause of a sudden down riding of the earning from the football match broadcasts. According to the experts, he was being open about the present situation and the complications that are caused.

However his warning was not taken very lightly and very appreciatively by the TV right owners. They have their objections regarding search warnings as these warnings eventually becomes harmful in the whole business process.

Mr. Al-Obaidly very clearly said that he was there to mention that it was the time for the sports right to lose the charm. The kind of economic model that the industry had needs to be restructured in order to gather profit out of it. It was to come at the end at sometime soon. These were the views of the CEO.

A Way Out

He very clearly mentioned that very soon the TV right owners will find that the exclusive rights over the matches are losing the charm because they are not exclusive anymore. The problem of piracy is rising up and there is simply no step taken so far to address it. You can visit to know more about it.

As a solution he made it clear that the house needs to be properly arranged again if they seriously think about addressing the issue and bring a good result.