How To Draft The Best Team While Playing Fantasy Cricket?

Millions of people play fantasy cricket leagues every year. One of the most well-liked online platforms for cricket fans is fantasy cricket. World cup fantasy cricket players are becoming increasingly popular, and new platforms are popping up more and more frequently. But what players should you take and leave out once the clock starts ticking is, of course, the most crucial question? While luck plays a significant part, skills matter most in fantasy cricket. You can use a variety of fantasy cricket tactics to help you win competitions. 

Fantasy cricket contests have become tougher to win due to the rise in users and increased competition. Anyone with a basic understanding of cricket can join the game and participate on various teams in various matches. However, because fantasy cricket, like WC fantasy, is skill-based, luck and hunches won’t help you succeed. Firm strategy and point-scoring abilities are necessary to win the competition. And your team’s strength is the primary factor that can make or break your performance.  

The performance of your fantasy cricket team players during the actual game will determine your chances of winning the competition. So accordingly, when you are choosing your team, it’s crucial to give each player careful consideration. The first step is to evaluate each player’s performance before assembling your team and selecting players for an upcoming game. Instead of choosing players based on their overall form, you should consider their recent performance. A player who had solid form a few years ago but hasn’t been performing well is not someone you should add to your fantasy team. 

The captain and vice-captain of your T20 WC fantasy team are the most crucial players because they score more points than the other players. The vice-captain earns 1.5 times as many points as the vice-captain does. Choosing all-rounders as the captain and vice-captain is a safer option because they have the batting and bowling skills to win the game. Even if a good batsman is lined up at the fifth or sixth position, it is best to choose the top-order batsman when making your batsman selection. That is because batsmen who aren’t in the top 4 may not receive enough balls from playing and scoring. Choosing batsmen who don’t contribute in the full order is pointless. 

However, in cricket, the T-20 format, in particular, has evolved into a batsmen’s sport. In contrast, avoid doing this in fantasy cricket. Instead of just power hitters, build your team around wicket-taking bowlers. Why? A wicket earns you more points, therefore. For instance, one wicket awards 25 points on some platforms. As one run equals one point, a batsman must score 25 runs to match that. In a T-20 game, a bowler’s chances of taking a wicket are higher than a batsman’s chances of scoring 25 runs. 

Making multiple teams for a match is a crucial strategy in fantasy cricket. A contest also allows for multiple entries. Each of your teams should be unique, with unique captains and vice-captains. To avoid suffering a loss, even if you lose with one team, you can win with the other.