The Role of the Center Forward and More

The center forward is a difficult job and each striker interprets it in their own way. There are those like EdinDzeko, a Roma player, who sacrifices himself for the team and often sins in clarity in front of goal, those like Icardi, Inter bomber, during the match touch a ball and bags it behind the goalkeeper, who how Suarez participates a lot in the maneuver of his team and varies on his own attack front, and who like Lewandosky, as emerges from a recent Eurosport article, seems to have been born to score goals.

Each of these champions plays the role in their own way and each of them contributes differently to the successes, and defeats, of their team. The number 9 is, in the collective imagination, the number par excellence of the purebred bomber but, as we will see, in modern football even this concept has been rewritten and updated to the new frontiers that the game is reaching. The bet of the day options are there as well. Visiting the you can explore a plethora of new opportunities that most professional punters uses for their own betting and win big. This site is making name of itself within short period of time due to their amazing and most authentic tops on a regular basis. So if you want to taste the success ion soccer betting you can also use it.

The rediscovery of the center forward

After years in which the so-called “false nueve” has gone out of fashion, that is a central striker who had little or nothing of the classic striker, perhaps born as a winger or midfielder and adapted in that position to facilitate the maneuver of his team, in recent years, the trend of world football is in favor of the rediscovery of the classic “bomber” of the penalty air.

  • In fact, more and more teams are deciding to entrust their attack to physically strong players, with great technique, who can be able to determine the fate of the match thanks to their own play. It is no coincidence that Juventus, which on November 6 is the main candidate for the next victory of the Italian championship at 1.40, he decided to invest more than 150 million euros to own the prototype of the modern center forward: Cristiano Ronaldo. It was precisely the Portuguese over the last few seasons who favored the rediscovery of the classic center forward: to the sound of goals and sensational plays, he helped to set aside the idea of ​​the “false nueve”, convincing more and more teams to invest in a purebred bomber. .

The different interpretations of the role

There are attackers who, despite being potentially ruthless goalscorers, prefer to sacrifice themselves for their teammates, participating in the maneuver of their team and varying on the entire attack front. Dzeko, Higuain and Aguero certainly belong to this category of strikers who, despite going every season in double figures, do not disdain an assist or a play to score their teammates. Gonzalo Higuain, who literally exploded in Naples under the guidance of Maurizio Sarri, became the protagonist of the controversial transfer to Juventus, eternal rival of the Azzurri, which caused the wrath of Neapolitan fans.


After two seasons in Turin, the Argentine has joined Milan, regenerated by the Maldini-Leonardo treatment, and seems to have found that feeling with the goal that he missed a little in the last season of Juventus. EdinDzeko is encountering many difficulties especially in the league, while in the Champions League he is dragging Roma to conquer first place in the group, even to the detriment of Real Madrid. The Kun Aguero, on the other hand, Guardiola’s Manchester City striker, despite some behavioral problems especially outside the green rectangle, continues to prove to be one of the best center-forward around and, to the sound of goals, has recently become the most prolific scorer in history of the Citizens.