Top 3 Football clubs in Paris

You might have observed that many largest cities in the world are the home of the football clubs. Moreover, the fans of these clubs are not from the neighborhood or city but also from a different country. Here, we would like to discuss the top three football clubs which are from Paris. They are:

Red Star FC

You can say that the Red Star FC, which is also known as the Red Star Paris club of Paris, is one of the most punk rock football clubs in the area. This club was founded in the year 1897 and is referred to as the Red Star Football Club. The most amazing thing is that it is the second oldest club in France. The club has played only nineteen seasons in the first division. In recent history, you can find the club in League 2 or the Championnat National. In the year 1948, the match recorded the highest attendance of twenty-three thousand.

RC Paris

This football club of Paris is known by various names like the Racing Paris, Racing Club, etc. This club was founded in the year 1882, and it was the multi-discipline sports club. This is the oldest club in the football history of French. The club faced several name changes, and it was only due to the change in ownership. Presently the name of this club is Racing Club de France Football. You might not be aware of the fact that Raoul Diagne was the first black player in the French national team. The RC Paris football club won its first League 1 in the year 1936.

Club Francais

The club Francais football club was based in Paris and was founded in the year 1890. This was the first club that was established by the natives of French. During the year 1896 to 1904, this club took part in the entire league that was organized, and this was the reason they become one of the reputed clubs of the country. In the year 1932, the Club Francais became one of the professional teams just by competing for their first-ever League 1 season. As the club did not have any home venue, so the club francais merges to the Dionysian Athletic Football club, which was based in Saint-Denis. Then the club was given a new name and was known as Athletic Football club Dionysian-Club. They had to leave their traditional pink and black colors.