Why PayPal is the best payment method for esports betting

In spite of the wide variety of transaction methods made available to punters by online bookies, PayPal is swiftly becoming the most popular transaction method with bettors. PayPal is unarguably the world’s leading electronic wallet. This is due to the fact that the organization over the years has built a brand that is known for its reliability and trustworthiness. Launched in 1998, PayPal now have over 250 million active accounts that are regularly used to move funds around on the internet. Factors that contribute to PayPal’s popularity include its convenient ways of depositing and withdrawing funds; its safe transactions and its easy to use features.

What has PayPal got to do with esports?

Being one of the most widely used electronic wallets in the world, it is not surprising that more than 60 million punters place their bets on esports using PayPal. Although some states and countries prohibit financial transactions between PayPal and esport betting sites, this is not an issue with the service of PayPal, but of betting laws. These betting laws simply deprive bettors from enjoying the massive benefits that are associated with PayPal.

Why should you place your esport bets using PayPal?

There are two clear reasons to why you should choose PayPalesport betting sites and place your eSport bets using PayPal; speed and safety. All your monetary transactions – whether they are deposits or withdrawals – will be completed immediately. Every deposit you make is done within 8 seconds at most, while withdrawals rarely take more than two minutes.

Furthermore, punters love using PayPal for esports betting because of the anonymity that the service gives them. You don’t need to provide any of your confidential and personal bank details to the site where you’re placing your wagers such as you have to with debit cards. This is one of the greatest reasons to why bettors prefer using PayPal over other payment methods.

How does PayPal work with esports betting?

Before you start placing your esport bets, you need to open a PayPal account. Once this is done, you can either select an option to directly transfer money from your bank to PayPal or another person can send funds into your PayPal account from theirs. If you choose to transfer money to your PayPal account from your bank, it’s advisable to link your debit or credit card to your account as your funds can then be instantly transferred to your betting account.

Withdrawingbettingprofits with PayPal is as easy as with any other method. Once your bet is successful, all you have to do is to withdraw the winnings directly to your PayPal account. However, this option is only available to those who have set PayPal as their default payment method. Also note that your winnings do not go to your bank account directly but to your PayPal account. Once you receive your funds to PayPal you can then make a withdrawal request from PayPal to your bank account.