The Ins And Outs Of CSGO Accounts

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CSGO Accounts are the accounts that are based on steam for the cs:go game or also known as counter strike global offensive game. There are quite a few websites that are providing at a good rate, alongside keeping the crucial security measures in the mind to offerthe highest service to their customers. 

The accounts of CSGO are of several ranks and the features that are varying from thecs:goprime accounts to non-prime accounts of the cs:goto various ranks of CSGO Accounts. Let’s now take a look at the Prime Accounts and The Non-Prime Accounts.

The Prime Status And Its Advantages

The Prime Status is simply a feature of the game CS:GO for their users who have gone on to purchase the CS:GO or on Level 21 profile or above. The users who possess Prime Status receive advantages only available to the Prime users.

Users with the Prime Status are very much matchmade and against only another Prime Status’ user in all the game modes. Also, the Prime users are permitted for the Prime-exclusive momentos products, weapon cases, and item drops, and possess access to all the Community-operated servers.

How do you add the Prime Status to your account?

Prime Status may well be added to your account in two different ways-

  • Via buying the Upgrade of the Prime Status from the Store page of CS:GO’s Steam.
  • By simply reaching the Level 21 Profile in the CS:GO.

The Non-Prime

If you are looking forward to playing the official matchmaking in the lobby of non-prime, it would be nice if you prepare yourself to play or face with the hackers once after every 2 to 3 games. The higher you are placed you and ranked, the more are the chances of you meeting some hacker. The only stuff you should be eyeing to at the moment that how are you upgrading your level at 21.

Make Note

People also believe that winning around 5-6 games on the trot with a decent K/D guarantees rank-up whilst losing around 5-6 games in the row guarantees you de-rank. 

To summarize, one got to try and have fun, play like the team instead of stressing on the performance of the individual and keep a note that it is a game, not alone based on the point and the shoot, however, there is quite a lot to it.