Harvey Elliott Has Signed a New Deal with Manchester City and Will Stick Around 2027

Harvey Elliot has reportedly signed a new contract with the same club he has been playing with since 2019. The English player has signed a new deal by extending his contract at Liverpool.

The 19-year-old player’s contract was within the last months of the contract. However, the club seems eager to keep the player in their squad and have him stay at the club for a longer period.

After signing the new contract and extending his career, the player will be staying at the club until 2027. 

Elliot’s Career

Elliot made his professional football debut at Fulham when he joined the club back in 2018. The player made two appearances at Fulham and was there from 2018 to 2019. 

Then in 2019, Elliot moved to Liverpool, and to this day, the player is with the club and he may stay there until 2027. 

So far, the player has made 41 appearances at the club and has managed to score 7 times for the team. At such a young age, the club has high hopes for the player and may want to polish him into a star player in the upcoming years.


Right after joining Liverpool, Elliott ended up suffering from an ankle fracture-dislocation, which he received in the third match of the last season. 

As a result, the player was not able to participate in matches for Liverpool. The player was left out for the next five months. 

Many thought that the player was not going to get a chance at the club but Liverpool had different plans for the player. Instead, the club has decided to keep him for five more years. 

Elliott managed to earn back his place at the club right after he made his return from the injury. He participated in the historic quadruple attempt of Liverpool in the past season’s second half. 

Elliott has an Opportunity to Shine

Although the player is kept on the bench for the most part of the games he has an opportunity to shine at the beginning of the season. 

This is because Liverpool seems to have been cursed with injuries where Thiago Alcantara, a midfield player has been having a bad time due to the injuries. 

Due to his injuries, Alcantara will be out of the field for the next four weeks, granting Elliott with the golden chance to prove himself on the field.

Jurgen Klopp’s Remarks for Elliot

The recent 5-year extension from Klopp’s end for Elliott is an indication that the manager is well aware of the player’s potential. Therefore, he is eager to give him a chance on the field so that he can develop his skills and make himself a demanded and dependable player.

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