What Are The Top Five Reasons Indians Love Cricket?

Cricket is the supreme sport for Indians. In India, it is a well-liked sport. Cricket brings out our best emotions. People of all ages and genders absolutely love this sport. Thanks to the Indians’ ingenuity, any room can become a cricket arena; they only need a ball and a bat. Except for the playground, our favourite place to play cricket is the street; we call this type of cricket “Gully Cricket.” Gully cricket is the most popular sport in India during vacations.

Cricket brings the entire community together. Although hockey is our national sport, cricket continues to win the hearts of many people. All walks of life are fans of cricket and cricket players.

It is a matter of pride and honour when competing against Pakistan, especially in WC cricket. So nothing matters more on that day than watching India vs. Pakistan.

Why do Indians love cricket so much?

  • Location is the least concerning factor when it comes to cricket. One of the reasons people love cricket is that it is not a sport that can only be played in a stadium. It can be played anywhere from a room to an office, on the street, or in a playground. Some of the present players started off playing cricket on the streets.
  • There is nothing complicated about this game. You only need a bat and ball and a few other pieces of equipment. You do not need a whole squad or something to have fun with cricket; just one friend is enough. That is why you can see the streets and playgrounds of India being jam-packed with die-hard cricket fans. 
  • India is home to the best world-class sports infrastructure, enabling cricket enthusiasts to get resources for training and consultations. In addition, you will find one of the best coaching and training facilities. Therefore, one can make the best of these resources to kick-start a career in the world of cricket. 
  • We have some of the best cricket players who have made us proud. Our cricketers have several world records, from Virender Sehwag being the only player who scored a triple-century in the tests and a double-century in ODIs to Irfan Pathan being the first player to score a hat-trick in the first over of a test match. India cricket is a religion, and Indian cricketers are considered idols because of their outstanding records and performances.
  • We enjoy the thrill of watching the game, and it’s even better when watching it with family and friends, especially T20 cricket like IPL. It does bring the family together. Your eyes are stuck on your favourite player, and you are all delighted and excited to see him performing well. Then, he is out the next moment, and you are all devastated. We are pretty emotionally connected to cricket as well as with its players. 

India will host the 2023 T20 world cup; let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope to win in our motherland.